How to Take Photos of Special Fundraising Events

April 24, 2014

Whether you're a professional or an amateur, it's a lot of fun to photograph events, and it can often lead to more requests for your services. However, if you've never photographed this kind of thing before then you might be feeling a little daunted. It's important to get plenty of shots, from close ups of custom wristbands for promotions to group shots, and it also depends on whether people want candid or posed photographs. Firstly, you should discuss with the organisers what they want, including:

  • Specific requests for photos
  • Group shots and venue pictures
  • Photographs of setting up the event
  • After party photographs

Therefore you can work towards getting plenty of ideas which can then be used if you get stuck at any point. There are lots of classic shots you can do such as close ups, and if they are selling breast cancer wristbands for charity then photographing people wearing them is a good idea for example. However, you often need to use your own creative sense to decide what will work best in your circumstances.


One of the most important things about getting the job done right is having the right equipment. This will allow you to take photos of people wearing promotional wristbands, as well as getting wider shots of the venue when you want to go for bigger pics. Therefore you should check you have the right:

  • Cameras
  • Removable flash
  • Lenses
  • Tripods
  • Accessories

Once you know what kind of event and the setting, it'll be much easier to decide which photography equipment to take, and you can use your common sense when making decisions. You will then be able to take the photos you want, without having to worry about quality because you've forgotten something important.


It's important for photographers to capture the atmosphere of an event, and by taking lots of different shots you can do so. Many charities look for rubber wristbands in Canada to sell at their events, and they make them fun and lighthearted, whereas some events can be much more toned down and serious. By taking the right shots you can capture the feel of the event, and this means you can take appropriate photos that will make the event organisers happy.

A personal touch

When you're organising events, you want to make sure there's a personal touch in everything you do, from having custom wristbands made to choosing the right theme, and that's why event organisers are so particular about the photographs. It's up to you to document their hard work and to capture the atmosphere, allowing them to attract generous donations and to attract people to future events that they might be planning.

It's not easy to photograph events, and there's certainly a skill to it, but the more practice you can get the better. If you volunteer to work at some charity events then you can learn more about the whole process, from working with clients to choosing the right shots, and this can help you to build your portfolio over time.