Designing Lanyards for a Popular Photography Event

April 23, 2014

If you’re planning on putting on a large photography event in the coming months, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a way of distinguishing who is, and isn’t, allowed into your event based on whether or not they’ve bought a ticket, as well as distinguishing what level of entry they have at the event should it be especially large.

The size of the event will, of course, depend on your ability to get people to it. If you run a popular photography website or magazine, for example, you’ll be able to fill up a large-sized venue no problem, regardless of the price of your tickets. In this case, custom lanyards are ideal for making it quick and easy for you to identify who is (and isn’t) a part of your event at every level, from a simple attendee, to a VIP guest, to even a registered speaker.

Multi-Level Access

The great thing about using lanyards at these types of events, rather than a simple ticketing system, is the fact that they allow any security workers (or anybody else at the event) to instantly see whether anybody should be in a particular place at any one time. For example, if there are certain coloured lanyard designs for attendees of your photography event, and different coloured designs for speakers, any speakers preparing their photography talks backstage will know if and when any regular attendees make it backstage.

These lanyards also work really well at reminding attendees of your event well after the fact, as you can usually have your company (or event) logo and details printed onto your lanyards so these details are available to your attendees well after the event has finished. Another good way for the event to be well remembered would be to consider hiring paramount video marketing brisbane specialists (or similar wherever you are situated) or companies like to create your videography.

As a photographer yourself, it makes sense for you to give some thought to the colours of your lanyards, as these will show up in every photo you take of the event. If you can, look at a number of photography blogs online, as photos of the custom lanyards used at events that have previously taken place will help give you an idea of what does, and doesn’t, look good in this situation. Specifically consider:

  1. Colour compositions: Certain colours simply don’t come out as well on camera as they look in person. Make sure you know what colours these are before you make a bulk order.
  2. What your attendees will likely be wearing: Getting an idea for the types of colours and tones your attendees will be wearing at your event will help you to choose colours that stand out.

In conclusion, if you’re putting on a photography event in the coming months you should look into purchasing a bulk order of well-designed lanyards in a variety of colours in order to help allow for multi-level access at your upcoming event, as well as remind your customers about the event once it’s over.