Giving Away Unusual Marketing Gifts for the Clients

April 22, 2014

Companies that are trying to differentiate the goods and services they have to offer should think about presenting their clients with gifts that demonstrate their individual approach. Whilst the vast majority of firms are happy to print promo items with nothing more exciting than a logo and their company name, you can buy promotional products in New Zealand and other countries and have them decorated with more exciting images if you wish. Digital printing techniques make it easy to reproduce stunning photographs on a wide variety of media so whether you are giving away ceramic mugs or polyester t-shirts, you can make sure that they stand out from the run-of-the-mill presents that your competitors are using.

Before you can print your giveaways with stunning pictures you will of course need to hire a professional photographer to capture a range of suitable images from which your marketing department can take their pick. The following suggestions, regarding types of shots and the business promotional products that are most effective, may give you some food for thought. However, you will of course need to take into account any market conditions that are specific to your particular industry before proceeding. Have brandsten media melbourne corporate video service provide professional photography for giveaway photos.

If you run a business then there's every chance that you also run a website to either accompany a brick and mortar location or as your sole presence. If so, You'll want professional photos of your stock whether it be T Shirts or pop toys! a great photo will make your product stand out in the crowd!

  1. Your corporate headquarters on a coffee mug. This is a good choice for firms that inhabit sparkling buildings in prime downtown locations or state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities full of gleaming steel equipment. On the other hand, if you are running your company from a shabby factory building that has definitely seen better days, you might like to give this suggestion a miss.
  1. A group portrait of your sales team on a mouse mat. Whether this is a suitable choice for your company will depend on the type of image that you are trying to project to your target audience. Advertising companies and other organisations that have strong personalities leading their sales departments and wish to convey this fact to prospective clients should consider this option seriously. Manufacturing firms that prefer to let their products do the speaking may prefer a different type of marketing photograph.
  1. An artistic shot of your flagship product. Companies that are targeting sophisticated consumers in large cities might like to try this approach. Whether applied to good quality promotional products in Wellington, London or Sydney, this type of shot could go down very well with city dwellers that care just as much about what the goods they buy say about their personality as what they actually do. You will need to find an experienced commercial photographer with high quality lenses to get the best results.

Whether you decide to go for unusual shots of your product range, portraits of corporate personalities or something completely different, try to make sure that the promo items you purchase will show your photographs off to good effect. The range of promotional products New Zealand firms can find online includes many suitable items so whatever type of gifts you wish to present your clients with, finding something that meets all your needs should not be too difficult.