Smile For The Camera

October 18, 2016

Pictures encapsulate us like nothing else because they allow us to view something that exists in real life on a screen. Everybody can agree that the camera is one of the most mind-blowing inventions that exists today, and it’s certainly evolved a huge amount since it first came to be. We can look at some of the most beautiful sights around the world, famous figures from the past, and our own special memories all thanks to photos, and we’ve not even started talking about the power of video yet.

Videos are used constantly in every aspect of our lives, from marketing to story-telling, and now that everybody has a smartphone with an amazing ability to record high-quality videos, we’ve seen the likes of YouTube and Snapchat become immensely popular.

But even before we could shoot our own videos, we were still amazed by watching them on-screen. The TV revolutionised the way we spend our free time, and now we’re seeing smart TVs that connect to the internet increasingly become the norm.

If you own a business or would like to make a documentary, or if you simply want to try making your own TV show, you’ll probably need to contact an expert production company such as the one found at But before you do anything, read on to find out how videos have changed the way we see the world.

The Power of Video

Videos are created for a multitude of reasons, but here are some of the largest-scale uses for videos today.

-          Marketing – As well all know, TV marketing is a powerful tool. But in order for TV adverts to really capture our attention, they need to be well produced and take our breath away. That’s why the biggest companies pour millions into their TV adverts, and we’re seeing an increasing number of video adverts on the internet as well.

-          Story-telling – Of course, we’re well aware of how video can be utilised to tell a story. It’s why we all have a television in our living room and bedroom, and it’s why we head to the cinema when we want a night out. Plus, many people love watching a true-to-life documentary that shows videos of real events and takes us on an epic journey.

-          Memory-crafting – Nowadays, videos aren’t limited to the TV or those with an expensive camcorder, most of us have fantastic cameras on our phones that are able to record videos in HD. People like to record videos to express themselves and show them to people around the world using the internet. The digital revolution has truly made sharing possible on an unprecedented scale.

There’s no doubt about it, people are mesmerised by videos, and it’s no wonder when you consider how amazing it is that we even have the capability to make them. It seems likely that people will continue to yearn for videos as we progress into the future, and that’s why you’d better hire a fantastic production company if you need your video to really pack a punch.