Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip

Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip + 2 Batteries (Used)


  • EA/FE Lock Button
  • AF Frame selection Button
  • Command Dial
  • Shutter Release Button
  • EXC++

Product Description

The Canon BG-E3 battery grip holds two NB-2LH batteries, which will greatly extend the battery life of your Canon camera (to up to 400 images). The BG-E3 features include a Vertical Shutter Release and a Mode Wheel which makes the camera much easier to use for portrait shots, and ensures that normal, horizontal use is more comfortable, too: It gives somewhere for your little finger to go! Finally, the additional mass of the battery grip also improves stability and balances better with larger lenses. For use with Canon EOS 350D and 400D. Comes with two 7.4V Batteries.